“Oh oh oh, You’re a native New Yorker”

So sang Odyssey in 1977. And while she wasn’t necessarily referring to Richard Jung, she might well have been, for it was in that city that Richard grew up, reading arty books and doodling in the corner of his parents’ busy restaurant kitchen.

Given his culinary upbringing, it’s perhaps unsurprising that he is now one of the most prolific and well-regarded food photographer/commercial directors at large today.

After art school, he opened his first studio in San Francisco, followed by studios in New York and finally London, where he discovered the myth that English food is terrible is not strictly true - anymore. The burgeoning London foodie scene meant he was in his element, and he began first taking photographs of and then making films about food glorious food along with the people that grow it, cook it and enjoy it. His photographer’s eye and his love of storytelling meant his services were swiftly in commercial demand.

He’s crafted photography and films for Kikkoman, Kraft, Schwartz, McDonald’s, Knorr, Nandos, Arla Foods, Heinz and Nestlé, among many others and fostered lasting collaborative relationships with a diverse advertising and editorial clientele worldwide. He’s even succeeded in making Quorn look appetising.

His meticulous attention to detail, dynamic approach to food presentation and innate sense for delicious combinations make his work distinctive, memorable, and viscerally appetising, especially before lunchtime.

Since living in London, Richard has learned to love marmite, a nice cup of tea and irony. He does, however, still prefer his eggs ‘over easy’.